Let's work together

Hi, I'm Linda

I like to think that I was born with a camera in my hand, but I actually found the passion for taking photos in High School (which was quite awhile ago!).  However, life happened, and I wasn't able to pursue photos full-time until my children were raised.  Now I've been shooting photos professionally for over 10 years and am loving every minute of it!  


The video tells the story of my "why".

In August of 2018 Matt joined our ever-expanding business as a full time photographer. Matt has a BS in Broadcast Journalism from OSU, the degree name has now been changed to multimedia journalism which is a better description of all that is taught. Matt specialized in the video side of the degree. While working full time at Lowes for 10 years and especially working as manager of "install sales" he perfected his skills in customer service. Starting his side business while still working full time, he worked for the local TV station TBN working behind the camera and doing final video editing. 

From the very beginning I knew Matt would be the best person to add to my team. He has listened and learned all I know about real estate photography and now the student is teaching the teacher! Working together with Matt has allowed us to DREAM of new ways to better serve our clients and soon we will be adding new products to our line.

Matt is also doing a video project called "whatsthewhy" which you can look up on his you tube channel. To see more of about this project and to see a little of his goofy personality watch the video below. 

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