Christi Marshall

Keller Williams Realty

"Linda, with her son Matt are by far are the most professional and accommodating photography company I have ever used. Besides the usual amazing photographs and extras they have...  They are extremely aware of the weather and how YOUR HOUSE will shoot based on too many clouds, too much sun, or lack there of and will reschedule in a moments notice for those reasons alone. They came out for re-shoots of the exteriors of one of my listings because all the leaves dumped in the front yard and driveway the night before the shoot appointment! Only someone with a passion for photography; pays that much attention to detail. Don’t get me started on the photos taken inside the house!! Of course they do photo tours of the house, but they email you weekly stats of its viewing on various Real Estate sites, very helpful information! Thank you Linda and Matt! You are on Christi Marshall’s Real Estate Team permanently!" 

Brenda Burnette

Chinowth & Cohen Realty

"If pictures are worth a thousand words, [C-Cross Media]'s are worth a million. Their knowledge of angles, light and composition shines through in each and every breathtaking photo she shoots of my clients' homes. Linda is uniquely talented at capturing stunning photos out of the tiniest of rooms, as well as those with the most odd angles. Her photos are magical, truly beyond words, and my clients often tell me that Linda's photos look like they came straight out of a magazine. With so many prospective buyers taking to the internet to find their next home these days, Linda's work has elevated my business and enhanced my success as a realtor." 

Tonya Ellison

Chinowth & Cohen Realty

"Matt and Linda are the best real estate photographers I have had the privilege of working with.  They have convenient scheduling, are easy to work with and pay attention to detail.  I have no doubt that their photos have aided in the sale of many of my listings!  I highly recommend them!"


C-Cross Media, LLC 



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